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The Other Woman



When I was going through therapy I learned about The Other Woman. Let me just start off by saying she is be a REAL b-i-t-c…. (Well, you know…) sometimes, actually most of the time. She thinks she knows everything and has all the answers.

The Other Woman has been around since I was a child but I have grown to know her more as I have gotten older.

She likes to tear me down and bully me. She reminds me of my flaws and anything I have ever done wrong.  I mean ANYTHING.

“Hey remember that time years ago when you said that thing, but you really should have said that other thing… what were you thinking?”

Ugh. Pipe down, lady.

This reminds me… She also lets me know all of the things I SHOULD have done or said. She is constantly in my ear throwing in her 2 cents.

Let me remind you I never asked for her opinion anyway.

The moment I think I have escaped her grip she pulls me back in and I am at her mercy- questioning myself, judging myself, and often judging others too.

She has this way of making me believe the things she says.

Sometimes her voice is so LOUD she is all I can hear. She can usually tell me my first thoughts and initial reactions.

Even when I do something great she is always belittling me and pointing out what I COULD have done better.

She is best friends with my anxiety and depression. Because they’re the three best friends that anyone could have…

Of course she would take their side.

The Other Woman resides in my mind, she is MY inner critic.


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